The Divine Inspiration Behind The Desire Of Ages

Besides the Bible, there are several books that nourish many of the Seventh-day Adventists spiritually. One of them is The Desire Of Ages. The theme of this book was obviously centered around Jesus Christ and his life. 

However, it was combined with some beautiful phrases and had a deep devotional tone. These are the qualities that make this masterpiece from Ellen G White quite unique compared to her other works. 

No one knows the entire story about how this book was written. There are certain parts of the story that would always remain a mystery. What has helped in bringing certain things to light is an examination of sources that were made available. Over the years, these sources have provided some important insights into the creation of this worldwide best-seller.

Sources of information

There are thousands of quotations from the holy book, which Ellen G White has included in her writings. This clearly shows that she knew her Bible well. In all of her books, she has made use of the Word of God. Her primary source of information about what Jesus Christ had said and done were the Christian scriptures. 

She had not received any revelation on the order of Biblical events. She, therefore, found it necessary to seek it on her own by studying various histories of Bible. Apparently, she has also used certain books that dealt more specifically with Jesus Christ’s life.

When Ellen G White began writing once again after some gap, she revealed many of her spiritual experiences. She spoke about things that came to her with regards to the mission of Christ. At times, she would also admit how difficult it was to present such subjects. 

She asserted that she was tracing words which would communicate with others the words God had given her. In her words, the truth said in her books was barricaded by the words ‘Thus saith the Lord’. She had said this while talking about several of her books including The Desire of Ages.

The divine inspiration

Of course, Ellen G White was helped by several people while writing The Desire of Ages. She was helped by some of the other authors as well as her secretaries. Above all, she had the help of The Almighty Lord. 

It was not just another book on Jesus Christ’s life. It had directed and controlled her and was behind all the messages that have been conveyed in the book. The Desire of Ages was written under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. For this reason, the book contrasted with other works on the life of Jesus Christ.

Every page of this book breathes a heavenly spirit. Upon reading this book, an individual would come face to face with the Almighty Lord. He or she may have the chance to get acquainted with his or her Savior. This does not generally happen while reading any of the other books outside of the Bible. It would be no less than a blessing for those who are ready to be led by the Holy Spirit.

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