Is Gambling Really a Sinful Activity in Christianity?

There are many in Christian households who like gambling. Some of them don’t really care about what they do, but there are others who begin questioning themselves. The question that concerns them is whether gambling is forbidden in Christianity. Most often, such things crop up when an activity is not explicitly labelled as a sin. 

Some activities are clearly considered as sins, such as stealing and using drugs as intoxicants. Then there are others that are debatable, such as playing organized sports on Sundays. According to Biblical literature, they may be considered as working on the day of rest. Consuming alcohol can also be debatable. One may ask questions like – how much drinking is acceptable?

In the Old Testament, there are references to casting lots. This can be compared to rolling of dice or flipping of coin done today. Casting of lots was used to make decisions in certain matters. Individuals who think gambling is a sin often refer to Matthew 21:12-14. This passage describes how Jesus threw money changers out of the temple. 

He declared that they had turned his home into a place of robbers. In this case, Jesus was objecting to the fact that the temple was being used for conducting business. So, the point to be understood here is that Jesus was not against money changing. He was against using temple as a center for business purposes. 

Beliefs about gambling

Now, the question arises whether gambling is a sin or not according to the Bible. The answer to this question is quite straightforward. It is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible that gambling is a sin or it is immoral. There are certain beliefs that lead to confusions:

Belief #1 – Gambling makes a person commit sinful acts

Generally, when people think about casinos, they picture alcohol, slot machines, and prostitutes. One may also point out to the fact that Las Vegas is nicknamed ‘Sin City’. While gambling is often associated with a sinful lifestyle, it is up to the individual indulging in the act. One can always gamble responsibly.

Belief #2 – Gambling promotes greed

The Bible gives us warnings at certain places not to fall in love with money. Such passages may seem like condemning gambling. However, the truth is that they’re against the idea of gambling in the hope of winning millions. So, the activity must be viewed as a source of entertainment and not as a shortcut to becoming wealthy.

Belief #3 Gambling is an addiction

Many activities can lead to addiction when done in excess. Gambling is no different. As long as you’re gambling responsibly and for fun, it can be quite entertaining. Problem arises when people begin to see it as the only way to get rich quicker.

Learning how to gamble responsibly

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